Anthony Tufano is a Fourth Generation Currency Exchange Owner Operator. He has been an integral part of maintaining and growing a business that now manages 16 Financial Service Centers in and around the Chicago area. Seeing that Bank Secrecy Act Compliance was to be the dominant modern issue confronted by his business, he revolutionized the way his company managed, developed and implemented Anti money laundering procedures.

As a student at Loyola University of Chicago he dabbled in random acts of charity, volunteering for anything and everything that caught his attention. “I was a charity nomad. I knew I wanted to do good, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do good for. I picked a new charity every couple of weekends!”

After graduating from Loyola in 2001 and taking over the management of his first currency exchange, Anthony joined a second city improv and standup class to meet people, have some fun, and bolster his speaking and communication skills. It was there that he was exposed to, by happenstance, “The Dream Team.” This team of Second City Volunteers and fellow “charity nomads” made him feel at home and truly ignited his passion for volunteer work. He volunteered at places like The Lakeview Pantry, Ginko Gardens, The Field Museum, and his personal favorite 826CHI. At 826Chi he helped kids with their English composition, proofread papers, and encouraged kids to be passionate about writing. It was his first time participating in the enrichment of the minds of children, and he found it particularly rewarding!

As Anthony grew his business and served on the Illinois Currency Exchange Junior Board of Directors, he never abandoned his love of charitable works. But, it wasn’t until Anthony met his wife, a Chicago Public School teacher who would regularly tell him stories of able minded kids lacking in only the material resources they needed to succeed, that he really began to consider zeroing in on a single charitable cause. “It was my wife who motivated me, who gave me the drive to participate in my first Back 2 School distribution, but it was the look on the faces of the kids at the event that sealed the deal…Watching their faces light up when they received something that to most people could be regarded as insignificant, but to them meant the world…It is truly humbling”

Anthony and his wife Krista recently saw the birth of their first children, Twin boys. “Since the birth of my twins I have become starkly aware of the cost of raising children in Illinois. That, coupled with the knowledge of how many economically disadvantage families reside in this state, has only served to renew my commitment to Back 2 School Illinois and its goal of striving to make sure that every Illinois student has the tools they need to succeed academically!”