Providing Supplies for Those In Need

Our Back 2 School initiative is the largest school supply distribution program in the entire state. In 2016, we provided 891,420 school supplies to 29,714 underprivileged children. The bulk of our supplies are distributed in the form of Back 2 School kits, each containing approximately 30 school supplies that are age-appropriate for the recipient.

While we distribute most of the school supplies in August, we distribute at other times of the year as well. The program is truly a year-round effort requiring thousands of man-hours and volunteers, as well as the gracious support of many sponsors and many more individuals. Our August “BIG” Distribution Activity Day Event also hosts up to 400 children who participate in a series of activities designed to excite, educate and inspire them to go back to school. The main school supply distribution day includes a separate event for as many as 500 children who get to participate in a variety of activities and demonstrations designed to excite, educate and inspire them to go back to school.

Please note: Our Community Distribution Partners handle the distribution of our kits. B2SI does not provide kits to individuals.

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Special Thank You to our major sponsors for their support of our 2017 Back 2 School Program

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