2016 B2SI College Scholarship Winner Update

Kailish Panchapakesan Tells Us About His First Semester of Undergrad

Every year at our Kickoff Event we give out five college scholarships ($2,500 each) to graduating high school seniors, courtesy of Community Currency Exchange Association of Illinois (CCEA) and the Tufano family. Among our recipients this year was Kailish Panchapakesan, graduating senior from Harry Jacobs High School in Algonquin, IL. This fall Kailish started his undergraduate career at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is studying medicine.

During his first semester, the difference in his schedule is the most significant change Kailish has noticed during his transition from high school to undergrad. As a result of this newfound flexibility in his schedule, Kailish has been able to join the Division I Tennis team, the Society of Future Physicians, Student Government, and several other organizations.While Kailish is majoring in Pre-Med, his favorite course thus far is English 161 with Professor Gina Gemmel. The topics of poverty and race in our current age are very intriguing to Kailish and he says Professor Gemmel goes above and beyond while instructing the students.

Kailish said he is very honored to be one of the recipients of this year’s CCEA Scholarship and has this advice for all current high schoolers in the search for schools and scholarships: “Time management and being proactive is key. The sooner you apply for scholarships and to schools, the better prepared you will be for unforeseen circumstances. Put in the effort on essays and use your resources to get information. This means meeting with high school counselors, emailing admissions staff, etc.”