Kids "Eat Up" Exercise & Nutrition Camp

Our first ever Power Up! Boot Camp program was a success, though not exactly the way we intended. We had initially envisioned a bigger event but we ended up with a smaller one that allowed us to provide each child with more individual attention. With an instructor/student ratio of 5 to 1, the children were able to ask more questions, do more activities and by the looks on their faces and the sound of their voices, had a ton of fun.


The first Boot Camp was held at Washington Park (5531 S. Martin Luther King Dr.) and the second was held at the Broadway Armory Park (5917 N. Broadway). The Chicago Park District, which runs both facilities, served as our partners in presenting the program. Their staff is second to none and worked incredibly hard to help us craft the curriculum and promote the program.

During each day, the kids, ages 7-12, rotated through a series of five different activities. While there are too many to mention here, some of the activities included; running an obstacle course, playing a Jeopardy-like game covering aspects of nutrition, “Build-a-healthy-snack”, Tug-of-war, yoga, kickboxing, stretching, and breathing exercises.

At the end of each day the children were given a fitness and nutrition pack filled with a variety of items including a jump rope, pedometer, healthy snacks, water bottle, and more.

While the Boot Camp only lasts one day, the program for the kids will continue. For the next three months, they will receive weekly inspirational emails, keep a journal on their exercise and eating habits, and then receive a final exam, which they must take in order to receive their Certificate of Completion. We hope this ongoing communication will help solidify the knowledge imparted to them during their Boot Camp.

Since we had the kids take the exam before they started the Boot Camp, we will see if they retained the information. You can check out the results at holiday time on our website.

A special thank you to all our sponsors, in particular Moneygram, Republic Bank and the Community Currency Exchange Association of Illinois’ for their support without which this program would not be possible.