Students at Jesse Sherwood and Mahalia Jackson Elementary Surprised on First Day of Classes With Free School Supplies

Each Student Receives Their Own Back 2 School Kit

The first day of school is always a bit chaotic as students switch gears from summer vacation mode. So much goes on during the first day including meeting new teachers, finding classrooms, meeting new classmates and reconnecting with old ones and checking out any building changes such as a fresh coat of paint, new desks and computers in the lab.

For Jesse Sherwood and Mahalia Jackson Elementary Schools there was even more excitement as we surprised the students at both schools with free school supplies. The two schools were selected as winners of our annual Win School Supplies For Your Entire School Contest.

We love giving away school supplies and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the faces of children in school when you hand them one of our Back 2 School kits. Between the two schools we gave out school supplies to almost 800 students.

Both schools embraced us with open arms. Principal Alice Buzanis of Sherwood and Principal Robert Hubbird of Jackson were so welcoming and appreciative of our efforts. While we were at each school we witnessed first hand the dedication and commitment of these two individuals as they related to teachers, parents and the children.