New "Build A Kit" Program Launches Successfully

Deloitte Employees Raise Funds & Donate Time To Assemble Kits

The South Side YMCA played host to 25 Deloitte employees as they spent all day putting together 2,500 of our Back 2 School kits. Later this summer these kits will end up in the hands of children from area YMCA’s as well as military families through our partnership with Operation Homefront. It was a substantial undertaking that required 16 pallets of school supplies including notebooks, crayons, pens, pencils, rulers and protractors, delivered in bulk, which had to be unloaded, sorted and then placed into our Back 2 School kit boxes. The Deloitte volunteers, while clearly exhausted by days end, where simultaneously energized by the impressive amount of work they accomplished.

The “Build A Kit” program is a perfect team building exercise for organizations and corporations and one that will allow B2SI to expand kit giving in years to come.