New Partnership With Howard Brown's Broadway Youth Center

This month we finalized a new partnership with Broadway Youth Center, a safe haven for queer youth in Chicago. Located in the Lakeview neighborhood, the center has an open-door policy for teens who need medical treatment or just someone to talk to. It’s hard enough to be a teenager with all the physical and emotional changes to deal with so imagine how much more challenging it is for those individuals when they are struggling with their sexual identity and/or have others who struggle with their identity as well. LGBTQ Youth face unique issues at home, at school, and in their community, making services such as the Broadway Youth Center critical to provide them with a safe haven and a place where they can receive the support services they need. By providing them with school supplies, these teenagers will have one less challenge, one less burden, and the help to improve their overall situation in life. We foresee many more distribution events with Broadway Youth Center in the future.